Been thinking of the things I’d want to get for myself (and tin)…Here’s a rough list:

Mac Book
Matching sneakers for me and tin
Motorolla V6 for me and tin
A day of relaxation for me and tin in a spa
a car (hah! in 3-5 years maybe)


2 days ago, I was asked to submit my portfolio and resume at IPAMS for Action Impact, a company that provides services for the event, exhibition and presentation industries throughout the Middle East.  Its gonna be a great experience to work outside my comfort zone…I really hope I get this job..They said I’d have to wait at least a month for any updates…I can’t wait! I know I’ll be far from the people I know but it really boils down to what I think would be good for me and my future.  Besides, Charles is there and Tin will be following soon since she applied in Emirates. Wish me luck!

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I Need a Job!


I’ve been idle since graduation and frankly I’m getting bored each day…I NEED A JOB!!!! You see, no job = no money = more boredom…I don’t want to be a leech and keep on asking for money like someone *ahem*

Anyway, I’ve setup my temporary portfolio if you want to view some of my works or download my resume.



I’ve seen a lot of people simpsonizing their pictures and tried to simpsonize myself which obviously didn’t turn out great. Tin, on the other hand did quite well and here it is haha

Apparently, nokia batteries with code number bl-5c which are mostly in N-series phones are being reported to explode while you charge your mobile phone. There has been a couple of reports already here in the Philippines. Nokia released this statement regarding the exploding batteries:

Continue reading ‘A Warning to Nokia Users’

I was browsing around tech blogs and saw this video about Asia Agcaoili promoting megavideo and how it was better youtube yadda yadda…so out of curiosity I went to asiaspeep.com and saw this:lolz.jpg

Yep…her site got defaced hehe…

After going around the web for hours…I stumbled on this video and all I can say is… I WANNA WORK IN GOOGLE WAAAAAAAAAAAA! I’d live there if they’d ask me to lolz!

Hi Guys! Im selling Authentic 3M Car mats for only P2k (5 pieces set)!
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Okay, I just installed K-Meleon to try it out and see if it really loads faster. First of all, I’ll give a brief description of the browser from their website.

K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser for the Win32 (Windows) platform based on the Gecko layout engine (the rendering engine of Mozilla). K-Meleon is free, open source software released under the GNU General Public License.

So I try it out for a couple of minutes and I’d have to say, it loads faster than firefox. I also checked the memory used and surprisingly, it uses way less memory than firefox. The interface is just like firefox and themes are also available. So far, I’m liking the way the browser performs. I just got to check for any memory leaks that firefox has.

Like any other browser, this one also needs some improvement. Well, I understand that the browser just launched this year so maybe the lack of plugins or addons is understandable. The installation of themes could be improved as well. So far, that all that I’ve observed.

Overall, I think this browser has potential but still needs to be worked on. I just hope that the developers continue on enhancing the browser and the small flaws.

Rating: 7/10